course will be limited to ten students. Students will serve as clinical

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I think rational though amounting almost to an obsession — for

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The Massachusetts General Hospital. -Dnri^g the past year, more

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mental medicine and animal economics. Special groups of organs may be

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Medicine 2. Quarter-courses, forenoons, throughout tlie year.*

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it was not possible to obtain blood from each patient. Blood in very

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Clinical demonstrations in connection with the above lectures. Professor

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istic term. It is of a more decidedly in- guardians. Generally speaking, the dis-

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younger than the other, I shall by-and-by ) "The man then left this institution and

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the thirst increases; the animal, becomes emaciated very rapidly; as death

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Boston State Hospital, situated on Fenwood Road, one block removed

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almost a specific action in the cure of this disease, and this

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date of the offence, as, being a soldier, he ; ing the prisoners guilty. Before disposing

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symptoms following the removal of the thyroid varies inversely

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pay especial attention to regions in which he is interested.

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new piece. Never syringe after the first time; put on a big poultice

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disease ?" ; we shall ask farther. How is disease ?

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may live longer than in Pleurisy. Ascites is recognized by, the disten-

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incision and you can see the working of the arytenoid cartilage, and you

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hospital. According as the opportunity arises, the students are instructed

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Edward M. Barringer Scholarships. From the estate of Edward

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authors by means of which they hope to secure a considerable

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,h„ M J- o , , °' '"' "^o^^*" '"' ^"11 also be given at

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took five or six f(',(Hlings of (> ounces. He vomited much less and had

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Graduate Courses. — For a description of the graduate courses offered

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living animal with reference to the cellular reactions and the antibodies ol

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women upon whom I have performed my suspensory opera-

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Surgery 4. Quarter-course, forenoons, for one month, given in October,

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Hsemorrhagica are in the first place, the cachexia spots are smaller and

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positive; two days later guaiac negative. X-rays negative; stomach

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It is this ether of limitless possibilities which stimulates the

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providing for the appointment of a committee to interview the

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McKenzie, John Ernest, a.b. {Wofford Coll.) 1912, Hamer, S. C.

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v . >ses >f the Stomach — The physiological

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" Relation of Climate t<> Consumption: Climates

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mares and women; cows are not so susceptible to it. Sepsis may occur

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brinated blood prepared with 0.8 to 0.9 per cent saline solution, and allowed to

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good success in saving the lives of my patients, but never suc-