and fifth week, most often in the ileum. Generally it is small,

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selected original investigations. The course is open to qualified persons

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Fellowships and Scholarships available in other Departments of

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Elliott C. Cutler, M.D., Alumni Assistant in Surgery.

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that they need not take their temperature, but we know this is not so

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™pler phy oWioI Z • *• '"''"; ""' *'"''' ''"^''"^- ^o illustrate the

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Richard C. Cabot, 'M.jy.., Assistant Professor of Medicine.

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take some urine in a test tube and dip into it litmus paper; if it is alka-

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the general principles and more important facts of physiological chemistry.

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further, that the demand for private wards in hospitals by

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in the human due to inherited taints; that is in the blood. The lower

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Buchanan, Edwin Porter, s.b. (Princeton Univ.) 1913, Pittsburgh, Pa.

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;nt is made easily. I may say here that too ripe clover also causes

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to strongly recommend the practice of exhi- ; strikingly marked, and has usually been

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Thomas F. Leen, M.D., Assistant in the Theory and Practice of Physic.

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July in that year was 74 ; of other diseases, / he specifies in his report. Several of the

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but was better known in America as a distinguished author.

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denum is always more or less inflamed; gall bladder is distended with a.

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Council to lay the facts before the Attorney-General, and I feel

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present in some form in the sewer system of Manila either in its fluid

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1. Define sterilization and give various methods by which it can be

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any other thing; this is often produced by too much exercise, especially

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repeat in from fifteen minutes to half hour. Give large dose of oil; tobac-

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very moderate price, the cream of all the medical literature

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The fourth-year elective course is planned to continue the tliird-year

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sur le liquide c^phalo-rachidien dans le Typhus Ex. Compt. rend. Soc. de

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' way to reduce the inflammation is to use hot linseed poultice with a little

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Pediatrics 4. Half-courses, all day, throughout the year.

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substance, allowing a transudation of serum from a globe

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any general conclusion, but it is safer than any other which is used

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except for those who take at least two months in Medicine, in which case

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constipated, and sometimes paralyzed; urine scanty and what is passed

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quires any particular attention; when in' the flank, it is usually sewed up

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never recovers its former pellucid state. In which should be furnished by the well-

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DeWitt Scoville Clark, Jr., a.b. (Yale Univ.) 1909.

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on a number of selected subjects in major surgery, are brought into

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The high temperature of fowls accounts for their exemption from