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Diehl, Oliver Roland, a.b. 1912, Huntingdon Valley, Pa.
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tunity to witness their exemplification in the operative work of the
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HAROLD A. GALE, M.D., Assistant in Pediatrics, Winchester.*,
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comparative physiology, biological chemistry, and theory and practice of
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afflicted with chronic disease, and to investigations into the nature and
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school will be admitted as special students, provided they are able to
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empty the womb; wash out with a solution of boracic acid — a three or
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Higher Vertebrates. The genesis as well as the adult histology of the
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Bacterium (Bacteria). — Is the generic term now applied to all
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A special course in vertebrate embryology is given during the second
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[Discuss tlipse cases in tlic order in which tliey are arranged. Assume that synii)toms
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than the Sarcoptes, and probably kill' faster. The varieties of Mange are
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to the Bursar the sum of four dollars for the maintenance of the Stillman
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taken by splenic puncture, which were very numerous, were always
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rarely of any value in determining the etiology. Gastric and
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being out of sight. Their testicles are usually not so large as in the
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been robbed of its alkaloid. Carbonate ammonia, wood charcoal, carbolic
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and the student is instructed in diagnosis, and in the treatment of amlmla-
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Comparative Anatomy 2. Histology. Dr. Bremer. Half-course,
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it was not possible to obtain blood from each patient. Blood in very
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be in any particular part or place. The foot becomes affected in the
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may be complicated by iritis. The conjunctiva is at first
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removed, inserting the forefinger with nail towards the instru-
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the yellow color of the mucous membrane will be noticed, urine will be
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Snoring may be connected with disease or health, and so does not
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RICHARD S. AUSTIN, M.D., in Bacteriology, Harvard Medical School.
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cattle that came in contact with Texas cattle, or the place where they had
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HAROLD C. ERNST, M.D., A.M., Prof essor of Bacteri-
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well-bred dogs is terrible, and the disease seems to be increasing. About,
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the matter of medical education. We all know the General is
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mercurial laxatives. Aconite in the early stage is good in small doses,
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wound in the rumen, and after placing a napkin to prevent the matter
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teric Hernia. In this we find a rupture of the mesentery, and the bowel
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a sort of general toxemia, manifesting itself in some weak
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will be accepted as candidates for the degree of M.D.