This course is given in the pathological laboratory of the Massachusetts
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the exposure to the light and air will turn this lung to a scarlet coloi
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scour. Sometimes this chronic form stops of itself, at other times may be
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three hundred dollars, "to be offered each year to a graduate of an Iowa
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causes the animal to scratch and rub so much and so long that the owner
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of practical work. In the laboratory each student has an opportunity to
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ant Professor J. B. Blake and Dr. Lothrop (B.C.H.) . Four times
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Dr. D. King Smith, 311 Jarvis Street, Toronto, returned
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Murray, John Lovell, m.d. {Detroit Coll. oj Med.) ^^^^^^ ^
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satisfied with the amount of knowledge he \ not too hastily attribute the cure to these
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success of this meeting. We consider it a happy inspiration
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The Loan Fund of the Medical Class of 1879. The Medical Clasi
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of any scientific or literary society or institu- 4
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Medical School desirous of hospital experience has obtained an appoint-
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MacIVER woody, M.D., in Surgery, Boston City Hospital.
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lapses are common and the neurasthenic habit becomi s almost
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dence. If the author is a graduate, it must also contain the date of his
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times they grow on the outside, then they are said to be peripheral or
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practical exercises. Some attention is also given to toxicology. During
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7. During this primary stage of intestinal infection and so long as
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should postpone the treatment of a case of diphtheria awaiting
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Myers, Franklin Augustus, a.b. (Lincoln Vni..) 1913, BroX"'^ Y
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a long distance to get a doctor. Unless absent at the call of
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riie family history was negative. The father's age is 52 ; the mother's
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advantages for the study of syphilis, tuberculosis, diseases of the nervous
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us to review the treatment of any particular disease. Of course
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iveness. As to choice of methods, the question of hemorrhage is the main
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formed by a localized inflammation, exudation and organization; the
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drugs on the circulation, respiration, gastro-intestinal tract, kidneys,
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To furnish satisfactory evidence of liaving engaged in the practical
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Langdon Frothingham, M.D.V., Instructor in Bacteriology.
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digested bits of fat that were eaten, and there will be found sugar in the
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directed; but he is taught to work independently. Tumors and other
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ling three inches through the perineal cellu- ; Now, first, let us inquire, what is colic ?
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nel-shaped crypt, filled with a pure culture of staphylococci,
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Medical Corps of the Navy, j the qualifications of the physicians" there,
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ly,greatdyspncEa with its peculiar character ; j condition: Pulse 120; abdomen tympanitic,
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Office, Administration Building, Medical School. Office hours, Tues-
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positions, discovering fresh sources of strength, retreating