of mucus in the throat, the sensation of a foreign body in the
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Miscarriage (Abortion), and Premature Labor. — Abortion,
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position that there is no order, no law, no' fight and conquer their common foe, allo-
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and are covered with a gray, mealy substance; this is due to the exfolia-
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there is often too much interference with the vagina when uncalled for,
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DoffLer and Schultz of the German Board of Health in 1882. The germ
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milk has a prominent place among the fluids. It is often very
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or water, and if this does not suffice, give olive oil 4 ozs! to foal, or 2 , oz.
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2 X 10" 8 gram when 0.01 per cent of lecithin is added; i. e., 0.001 of the
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too unreliable ; she goes to sleep on post ; she talks distracting
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tance is attached to the verification by the student in his own dissection
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"If any agitation organized by interested persons is success-
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cured in from five to six months. The first three or four weeks after
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operations — Alexander's and ventro-suspension — are those who
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the open air. Oxygen is the universal antitoxin, and there-
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reading of the records of original investigations, is required of each student.
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plasm. They are all equal in the severity of the disease they produce,
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are presented before the class ; in each case two students beside the reader
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Dr. W. B. Thistle, of Toronto, spent the latter half of July
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from fear and apprehension, she gave in toj quently occurred to myself, as they have to
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search and the Cancer Commission of Harvard University was organized
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m this department, see special announcement of courses for graduates
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be an exceedingly difficult matter for this city next year to
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fully in the treatment of a series of cases of, a disordered state of the circulating fluids,
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Satyriasis. — Excess of animal passion in the male; ancient myth-
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the cause of most of it in the human; often seen in connection with other
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Dr. Palmer spent the month of July on the Georgian Bay.
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sult of rapid tissue metamorphosis, particularly when the system is liv-
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Though I may have earned a reputation for being unortho-
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fixation of the joint as is possible by the use of apparatus, this
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(B.D.), and Drs. Mason and R. M. Green. (B.C.H.) In sections,
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everywhere harsh. The eruption still shows on the face and chest, but is
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In this trouble there is likely to be a closure of the pylorus, and after
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Thkobai^d Smith, M.D., George Fahyan Professor of Comparative
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The fourth year is devoted to elective courses, with the limitation that
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physiological actions of a number of these. A few exercises are given in
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with spots of inflammation or inflammatory deposit. The fluid in the ven- '
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Hyman, Clarence Henry, s.b. {Heidelberg Univ.) 1911,