* The intent of this rule is that students may not engage in hospital work during

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eased uterus, whose reproductive function is gone, be treated

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3 Ztschr. f. Hyg. u. Infcktionskrankh. Leipzig (1898), 29, 3G1.

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During the past five weeks patient has gained twenty-five pounds in

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Robert Soutter, M.D., Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery.

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ion become dull and pale, constituting a case of .ephysema. Another

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in the sputum and it can not be excluded that they were present in the

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To fill the vacancy caused by the death of Dr. Arthur T. Cabot, Dr.

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Nervous Diseases, and that the incumbent receive the annual income of

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kindly to codeia, and when assisted by antikamnia its action

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•displacement, always for a sufficient and active cause, and that

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The plague procedure now in force in the colony of Victoria is as

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days. Mild cases are those in which the severe symptoms are absent, c

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malarial fever, anthrax, rabies, tetanus, syphilis,

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ture and the fundamental tissues are considered first. This is followed by

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the beginning of the academic year, without the presentation of a bill,

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are interested in special subjects, and the excellent opportunities for ad-l

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sickening, in all probability with the same j termination of the next case show which

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sentence or dev.ce, and containing within the author's name and address

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desire proof that it has ever disappeared after having been once introduced

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the litile crocus was expanding its petals, from the west, yet the solar circle seemed

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made; to invite laymen to be present at operations,

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average of twenty-seven children and twenty-nine births. It has marked

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(2) Legal Medicine : medicine in its relation to the requirements of law.

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A.B. 1862, M.D. 1870, Lecturer on Hygiene, 1877-79, on Hygiene and

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species of intestinal worms and that if we consider the different species

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active preparation. Like the others, this volume can be taken

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Klein 4 in discussing the question of the evolution of bacteria from

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During the first nine weeks of the second half of the second year, beginning

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The Northern Alberta Medical Association, which holds

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nasi, difficulty of breathing, nor other symp- / hot, throat very sore, pulse much accele-

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effect that the cholera vibrio does not seem to abate in virulence while

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B.A., Harry Morton Murdoff, Harold Wigmore McGill, Chas.

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28. He was a well developed man, showing slight cyanosis all over. His

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to put in slings. In local treatment cold water along the spine is rational;

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open all the year. Although only recently started this clinic is already

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