T. D. Archibald. Drs. James Spence, John Caven, John
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4 Describe the bacteriological examination of material from a
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When I arrived he was absolutely unconscious, and it was im-
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Case 1, Case 2, ' Case 3, Case 6, Case 4, Case 5, 1
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character in the technique of operation can be provided, or opportunity
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result of this is a weak heart, shortness of breath, which runs onto Dysp-
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X,"' ^'^^ ^''''''^' ^^^^^^^^^ ^f Genito'urinary Sur-
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used in two ways — an ointment of one part kerosene to three of lard, or an
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i;o which we might add in carrying out the analogy, the usual
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cirrhosis is multiple, not a unit — i.e., that the
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estimating the total result on the work done by the heart.
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What is the explanation of the peculiar characteristics of these move-
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Gear, Patrick Edward, a.b. {Dartmouth Coll.) 1915, Holyoke
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mother is " hysterical passion;" so called as being
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Passive Congestion.; — Occurs in the portal vein, and is due to
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partments of the University. Hitherto such students have been registered
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affective types, demand special mention. A guarantee of escape
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Anderson, S Wilhelm, m.d. {Univ. of Minnesota) 1903, Warren, Minn.
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is unable to pay for his medical attendance. In the new institu-
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such knowledge in a patient examination at the first interview.
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The Huidekoper Scholarship ; with an income of two hundred dol-
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chemical substances which are to be found in animals and plants, and of
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as it applies to the membrane of the sinuses of the head and posterior
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case. It is usually seen in the form of a colt disease, especially in the
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X Admitted 1908 with work in Harvard College for degree completed.
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rn money, to cover the loss o^ injury of any property belonging to the
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Ill corneal ulcers the repair process l)egins as soon as the ulcer
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with the Bursar* six dollars to cover Anatomy charges, three dollars
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ractice but are in the physician's practice. Where there is dirty sur-
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not be taken— it ran up as high as the thermometer registered. It was a
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a pocket handkerchief. The clamps compress the vessels, pre-
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gress should put themselves in communication as soon as
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the magistrate would adjudicate summarily 'criminate himself, or might afterwards he used
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ted fever may also present a great resemblance to cerebro-spinal menin-
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wandering ions. You will recall that, when first announced, the