Instruction in clinical dermatology will be given at the Massachusetts

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it often is. The works on medical juris-; Had these tests been applied in the first

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morphology and life history of the more important human protozoan |||

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bishop Farley, who in a brief speech said: " I never felt more

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other at the time, when, against the remon- ' mittee : Drs. John P. Barnes, R. Lee Fearn,

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Dr. Breckenridge, on the mode of pro- \ and referred to the Committee on Publica-

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Why have they burst ? Because they have been submitted, not

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compafiatively abundant, finely granular cytoplasm distin-

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then take another pair, catch hold about an inch from the first clamp and

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he injected the same animals with 10 cubic centimeters of virulent blood; they all

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attimeof chill from 10^ fn 107 t'u i ^"® ^^"^Perature ranging

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M.D., London. Vice-Presidents : Dr. George R. McDonagh, To-

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■offered for this reason. Its performance is most warrantable

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Dr. Coe will consult our own Canadian text book on obstetrics,

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days, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout the morning. Physicians

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cases of labor, under supervision and instruction, to care for their patients

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-own w.eight he can be put in a sling. Following Azoturia it seems that

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The John Thomson Taylor Scholarship, with an income of two

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Written and practical tests. Professor Southard. Afternoons in De-

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4. One exercise in Clinico-pathology will be given each week by a

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MEDICAL PROGRESS. J (Fraxiiius Polygamie) in the Treaiment of

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practitioner, the teacher and the student. Great and unlocked

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6f dalliance and avoid the '' asperous way that leadeth to the house

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diphtheria, the acute exanthemata and any other contagious diseases which

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whereby he has provided for the payment of $225 a year during his life-

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fever, but a little more vigorously, and reduce the temperature as soon

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ning of the academic year without the presentation of a bill ; the remaining

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intoxication, bringing about a quicker recovery. If it is given im-

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water in the blood, which becomes thick and dark. Sunstroke is simply

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out, place your expert knowledge of how best to combat it at

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conplication. Tfiis disease is no respecter of age, sex or condition,

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or three per cent solution of boracic acid at a temperature of tio°.

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offered to original investigators, who will receive such personal aid as may-

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In plethora the pulse is strong and full; in anaemia, small.

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men, a Chinese foreman, and a varying number of coolies. As soon as

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Professor of Diseases of the Skin, University of California.

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by the Natives of Jajten. Edinb. Med. Journ. (187S>, 12*. %

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Attention is drawn to the bloodless method of reducing con-

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outbreak in 1902. I believe therefore that the disease in this epidemic

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