will be discussed in a later section of this report.
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Fibrin decreases during pregnancy and increases after: it, can be
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Microscopic examination of the myocardium showed it to be perfectly normal.
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bronchitis ;* they have committed what, ac- these institutions in the paper above referred
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Acting Surgeon-General and the War Department, we were ordered to
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fibrous tissue was found in but one-third of the cases and this zone was
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out evidence of puerperal lesions or subinvolution, but yet
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Supplementary instruction is given to the class in small sections in the
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gastric region as well as in both iliac fossse, vagina hot (as told
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shall be recommended by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Candidates
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in negroes in the Southern States, by the Anaemia Commission in Porto
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than thej habitually consume. If, then, in any person we find
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mittee, mention shall be made of the fact that the work was done under a
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serve mention in connection with this happy consummation,
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brane, being shallower than those located in the faucial tonsil,
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'Ringworm. — This is due to the presence of a vegetable parasil
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with exactness the quantitative reactions occurring between agglutinin,
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with water, one to sixteen, direct to the bone with a swab;, don't touch
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ment and under a fair exposure, fallen so and districts have enjoyed about the usual
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parallel wings united by an amphitheatre. Above each amphitheatre is a
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seven, four showed caseous nodules as the prevailing lesion ; a gelatinous
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to children under two years of age. During the past year about fifteen
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be an accidental one, but the idea that the relations between these various
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This course will include the study of the macroscopic and histological
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(a) Fifteen demonstrations and laboratory exercises on the pathology of
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And now, gentlemen, I have done with advice. On behalf
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Hospital or Boston City Hospital for at least one month after taking the
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Frederick S. Burns, M.D., Instructor in Dermatology .
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could not be felt. Her weight had diminished about thirty
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five or six days, or where there is much sloughing off or gangrene set in,
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* Students who were members of the School in 1912-13 or earlier will be allowed
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Until in sullen fury you let everything just rip —
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5. You suggest the use of Salvarsan to a patient. He tells you that
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lesions of as many of the important tropical diseases as it is practicable
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diet; then after a few days, mutton broth; give lime water or a solution of
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' and arsenic are recommended by Williams, and remember, what may d
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soreness on pressure, lameness and constitutional disturbance; pulse
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Each dissertation must bear in place of its author's name some sentence
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same lung in the second stage you diagnose that by dropsical or