as it is a specific disease and the treatment - should be for the blood. Solid

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jGEORGE W MORSE, M.D., Assistant in Anatomy, 30 Pinckney St

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Etiology. — It is supposed to be associated with filth, bad care, etc.

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A. W. Maybury, E. T. Schiell, C. L. Starr, W. E. Bryans

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again examined, many infections escaped diagnosis and that the figures

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success. Vomiting was frequent and emaciation became quite marked, so that

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Surgery. Keen's Surgery, 5 vols, von Bergmaim and W. T. Bull, System

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lars ; in memory of Edgar Huidekoper and Frances Shippen Huide-

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with a considerable increase in the amount of reading matter

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School ; must give evidence of having studied in a recognized Medical

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■embryology is weak, and the author's remarks in reference to

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Text-hook. — Putnam and Waterman, Studies in Neurological Diagnosis.

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the Islands, from 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 people. in the Philippine Islands

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ease of the Heart. Sometimes the appetite is completely lost, but usually

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]iressing hard down upon the uterus, which is held firm and

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kidney. At the operation two old, healed, infarcts were found, but no

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, . can apply this two or three times a day, and use a suspensory. In case-

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Infirmary; and, on the order of a physician, every student who has taken

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September 7th, aged 40. He graduated from McGill Uni-

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sooner or later. One after another, and sometimes several

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man of the Committee on the Degree of Doctor of Public Health.

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autopsies at Dresden and 12.13 per cent in 1,755 autopsies at Erlangen.

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Paul Legendre. Arch. Oen. de Medecin^, Jan. et March, 1884, also Ann. de

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If he has had Influenza and got well and this has developed, give mild lax-

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Marx, Ella, m.d. {Univ. of Michigan) 1887, St. Louis, Mo.

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cie7t of the Emperor of the French. — The j Incurables, in favour of destitute persons of

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muscular tissues; muscles become hard to the touch, the dorsal, cervical

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coachman, and hence the reason why I have j with which our profession regards the dis-

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It is now just three centuries since the first European settle-

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lard, and use your palms. Next day give a stimulant, as sulphur and

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enon of diseases of this system is, that every affection produces either an

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