tion of the male to the female genital or- , understood by lawyers; but there are others
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518, or about one-half, Ascaris and Trichuris nearly one-fourth, and various
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profession, and yet mistakes in diagnosis should be rare. The
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January. Dr. Louis Nelson, assisted l)y Dr. 1). L. Williams.
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and of clinical exercises devoted to diagnostic methods, diagnosis, and
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But in sudden deaths these symptoms do not occur., Also in death by
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is caused by the introduction of some poison j mixture is made by mixing ten grains of
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.specie. It is very contagious from one animal to another of the same
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organogeny. With the work on the uterus, the human placenta and fetal
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spreads to cover the entire body. It is much more abundant and more plainly
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supply from a polluted river. On Feb. 6th, eight cases of typhoid are
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by the instructing staff. At the end of each general division of the sub-
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The length varies from 1 to 1.5 meters; the snake has a large, triangular, flat
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)f the belly, or in the submaxillary space; difficulty in getting up when
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Lectures. Assistant Professor Post. (H.M.S.) Once a week, December
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How much danger to the X-Ray operator ? What precautions should
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Lectures and demonstration?*. Professor Cushing, Associate- Pro-
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. n ■ nm., is in the Administration Building of the Medical
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to have been especially prepared in its proportions for
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Chronic form of Glanders often has a continuous but slight discharge
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lighter the behind. If castrated young he will be heavier behind and
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confluent or semi-confluent variety should be mistaken for
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he may ever be again. Later he delves deeper and finds that
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When confined to the head and throat, blanket warmly; laxatives are
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very light anesthesia. To-day, for instance, I saw him remove
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reference to the pathology of the lesions present and the use of the
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the income derived therefrom, amounting to one hundred dollars, "is to
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should file an application blank, which can be obtained from the Dean's
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and comprises a large proportion of the year's instruction. Bedside
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courses equal a half-course. Eight half-courses are necessary to !a&fv
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Brookline. These clinics afford ample material for a comprehensive study
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with the view of adding to the knowledge of the natural history and tl
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pies, sudden fright or sudden noises that cause fright, severe exposure to
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air start an acute inflammation called Synovitis; this is not confined to
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others. Flexner and Noguchi, 2 Kyes, 3 and Ishizuka 4 have each pub-
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^Vhat is of much importance, is that the said eye diseases are
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causes death. In such case shave the, head and paint with tinct. iron or
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that dysmenorrhoea was a frequent cause, lar tissue before he struck upon the rectum ;
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teacher in surgery, can bring it too often be- ; was soon shown that joints alone might be
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