tematically study the patients. Work in the wards may be supplemented
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scribing its disease, thus greatly aiding the student in familiar-
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1899, m.d. {Utiiv. of Michigan) 1903, Bloomington, 111.
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The courses will be given under the supervision of Professor Sears.
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then diminish the doses, probably to relax the spasm; often give 3 lbs. of
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those advantages which are found only in large cities. The following
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plore with the finger, but be careful even in this of sepjic germs — best
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Royal, Kent Tyler, s.b. {Colhy Coll.) 1915, Harvard
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pected to assume full responsibility for its proper use. Students will be
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tion is (a) Review of the anatomy of the nervous system essential to diag-
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We had tried in vain to reproduce the disease in the laboratory
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appeared in the abdomen, and he was sent into the hospital
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Lectures. Professor Green. (H.M.S.) Once a week, second half-year.
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In awarding these prizes, preference will be given to dissertations
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Patriotic Society which had been organized to provide for
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ambition or the desire for hospital association on the part of
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he has left behind, to hold up for esteem | Treasurer. — Dr. Francis West, Philadel-
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Anatomical diagnosis. — Fracture of the se&nd, fourth and fifth ribs of the
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Lectures and demonstrations. Professor Cushing, Associate Pro-
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thousand eight hundred and forty-three dollars and sixty-four cents was
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edly delirious, even in the periods of stupor, therefore it is dangerous to
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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year courses offered in
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cities; so it must be that .the amount of water around has some influence.
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who fulfil the above requirements. The degree of Doctor of Medicine
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Angevine, Robert Winsper, s.b. {Univ. of Rochester) 1915, Rochester, N. Y.
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3. How much danger is there to patients in X-Ray exposures ?
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ance, directly or indirectly, of the art and science of surgery. The
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proceed without delay to the house with the necessary assistance and
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tended two finger-widths below the ribs; the urine contained
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Second Year. — Tlie course in Pathology consists of laboratory work
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Dr. Barker, of Baltimore, was then called upon. He looked
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Buchanan, Edwin Porter, s.b. (Princeton Univ.) 1913, Pittsburgh, Pa.
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is no cough, but if the bronchial tubes are involved there will be a cough;
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'Treatment.— In Mud Fever yoti have constitutional disturbances with
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surgical attention. Surely we have reached the lowest
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I. Graduates in arts or science of approved colleges or scientific schools
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Grace and the Western — it is more necessary now on account of