Hilton Scholarships. Two Scholarships, with an income of two
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can be found, a ligature thrown around its base and removed.
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nTfr.ir.*T ivTfwc ( Inoculation for Syphilis, - - - - - 15
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ing the following diastole, the blood regurgitates from the aorta back
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I learned that the patient had been bitten was on this lovely morning that the passer-
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the fund, or such part of it as may be consistent with the standing rules
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cussion of cardiac disease in relation to information yielded by the appli-
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with perfect oxidation. They also suffer from a general, chronic ca-
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treatment of the same. The special disposition of the income of this fund
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Treatment in this case should be prompt and vigorous and not long
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courses equal a half-course. Eight half-courses are necessary to satisfy
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which is weakened by the poisonous influ- j inflammations, and also to distinguish the
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income, two hundred and fifty dollars, may be divided between two or
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Dr. A. W. Mayberry .returned from Great Britain .and
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ous per se, why should we protect the laity against their use
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ciation, 96 i Experiment in the Propagation of Fish, . . 100
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this procedure. The positive knowledge of the nature of yellow fever
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tion by the tears. It would appear as if the resisting power
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stimulant, and a mild- diuretic; feed laxative food, see that it is easily di-
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vestigation must be carried further, and we i principle this is done it may be difficult to
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The specific point we were to endeavor to determine, and which we
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Sensory disturbances occurred in 4.3 per cent, of the cases
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Etiology. — In Some there is a predisposition i to it; Prof. McEchran
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The pathological collection is being constantly enlarged by the addition
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the swelling in other parts of the body except the head. It may be that
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at the Massachusetts General Hospital by Dr. Walter J. Dodd.
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taining so much useful, practical, and accurate information in
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fact that neurasthenia does not develop in a fool, and as corol-
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The authorities of the Toronto General Hospital are creat-
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m.d. {Indiana Univ. Sch. of Med.) 1893, ' Indianapolis, Ind
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tion. There may be one large one, or a number of small ones. They
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FREDERl'cK M. ALLEN, M.D., a«,./. ^.«.„ ,„,,J'' •'^^'^^ «'•
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tion, while bandage is on, should last more than ten minutes, take it off
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lead a parasitic life in that they feed upon, or in some other way sustain
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In the old Provincial Building, where, we hope to meet this
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re can judge of the impulse given the body by the act of breathing,
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paralysis there is a fatty degeneration and gets quite yellow. Roaring
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3ii after the use of caustics, as they destroy the tissues in the immediate
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Rinderpest. — This is an infectious disease, and is exclusively a bovine