any course offered in any department of the University, provided it has
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further, the medical and sanitary interests involved are, with few ex-
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minster Hospital, Mr. C. G. Guthrie re- ) have been discharged cured,
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Special accommodations are furnished in the laboratory for students
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tion the author deals with anatomy, physiology, the embryo
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Each dissertation must bear, in place of the author's name, some
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be discovered within, it is often very diffi- '' ordinary rule, you will not lessen the chance
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»n the ear. corn, give him about three ears at a time, but no more. Re-
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solicitor, with instructions to frame a bill for presentation to
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in rare cases it is 1.4. When the venom is cent ri filiated and the
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^'"'Z!r'^ demonstrations. Professor Rosenau and assistants. Three
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been published in the Freeman's Journal, >m\g\t,h\xt for the pains taken to expose
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been rendered manifest by the appointment '; different public establishments. I have two
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and the black variety. The brown rat is grayer and of a lighter shade,
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r?vrn%l'^^ "P ^""^ *^^ P^''^^ ^^^^^^^ ^y HYDROZONE and
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sublimate or arsenic inserted; this is & timid -way of treating. After ope-
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ture bearing on special topics apart from text-books is urgently advised.
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physical laboratory in connection with the work of the Commission, and
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J. J. MacKenzie, B.A., M.B. Tor., Professor of Pathology
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Anatomical diagnosis. — Hypertrophy with concentric atrophy, fatty degenera-
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work upon. During the conduct of their investigations they will receive
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tion in physical examination will be given by the various instructors and
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concerning the prevalence of animal parasites among the Filipinos, con-
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Director of Scholarships in the Medical School: Franklin Dexter, m.d.
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by most Japanese people and professional men and, as it has the prestige derived
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Society of the State of Pennsylvania to relate his experience
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Local Treatment. — Use hot fomentations; wring out rug in hot wa-
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The Medical School buildings shortly will be surrounded by several
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longer and the symptoms be very marked. In severer cases still, death
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Martin, Charles Louis, e.e. {Univ. of Texas) 1914, Dallas, Tex.
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and no diminution of toxicity. For this reason I have adopted the
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