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brinated blood prepared with 0.8 to 0.9 per cent saline solution, and allowed to
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Specific Ophthalmia, Periodic Ophthalmia or Moon Blind-
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"at the monthly meeting of the American J its course. Alterative doses of mercury.
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mean temperature of the month rose but once i more distant South, instead of growing cooler
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tion, and the relation between these three conditions is surely more close
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examine themselves for tick bites, and it is improbably that the bite
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The Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary. — Over sixty-
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tenth English edition. Revised and enlarged by W. Cecil Bosanquet, M.A. ,
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least complicating the general state. It should not be forgotten
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system are also largely treated in the out-patient department. Clinical in-
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Augustus Thorndike, M.D., Associate in Orthopedic Surgeo-y.
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instruction and clinical lectures are given at the South Department of the
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pranks, and is a trouble to the nurses and an annoyance to
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matory reactions, the classical degenerations, and (in brief) with important
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Lehrbuch der Allgemeinen Pathologic. Lubarsch and Ostertag, Ergeb-
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festations. Glanders affects the Schneiderian and mucous membranes of
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rouse the indifferent will be — as it has been before in the world's
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The authorities of the Toronto General Hospital are creat-
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Males examined, 1,543; infected, 178, or 11.54 per cent; females exam-
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Mensuration is little used in veterinary, but is in human practice
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*Angevine, Robert Winsper {Univ. of Rochester), Rochester, N. Y.
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kidney. At the operation two old, healed, infarcts were found, but no
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No student may select a fourth-year elective, covering a subiect still
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candidates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine. In order to be admitted
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,or both, if they are both bleeding; if you can find it, then ligate. That
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the case at this point, and outline the course you would pursue. Give
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Laboratory work. Professor Southard. Two hours daily, after-
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Samuel W. Ellsworth, M.D., Assistant in Roentgenology.
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resembles cholera, apparently offers a key to the problem, especially as it
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is felt, even if the tubes of radium remain on for a period of
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Amphitlieatre clinics. Professor Christian. (P.B.B.IL) Once a
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j>ossible, you fall in with the grandmother's views than that
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The two sets of ligaments — the utero-sacral and the utero-
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I think it unnecessary; take an ordinary scalpel, introduce it at the
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of man and the higher animals as are reproducible at will upon the smaller
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_ some obstruction in them and a consequent dilation. In some cases ru{