(the all-day plan) or the forenoons or the afternoons for two months

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laboratories of the department, and will carry on their studies with the

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of a site and building, the latter tlioroughly equipped, have

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and proficiency. No student may advance with his class, or be admitted

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head of the department. Not more than two men will be received in any

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most remarkable. In six weeks he had gained fifteen pounds

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few. Bossi's dilator is a metallic instrument with four arms,

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mirall. The ward buildings will be in the form of an arc;

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are readily checked by these remedies. As a palliative then —

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Schussler, Hermann, Jr., s.b. (Univ. of California) 1914, San Francisco, Cal.

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Ophthalmology 1. Half-courses, forenoons, December, January, Feb-

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weak and will not respond to these, give digitalis; also give vegetable

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number of illustrations of practical value; there are also nine

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with the scissors from the cervix to the fundus. A special

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one hundred and sixty hours. Each student is required to preserve a

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and three tests consisting of written ad pra cal t ^ T, T""™"'

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ing usually. We are also inclined to think that Intestinal Flatulency is

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normal and abnormal labor, in the study of the puerperal convalescence,

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get a clear account of the colic, and then / sensation of pressure across the chest,

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is a sort of roaring sound. As dyspnoea increases the eyes begin to bulge,

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of temperature. We have already related our experiments on man.

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To look at ourselves and our affairs through the eyes of

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their structural correlations is given at the Danvers Insane Hospital.

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Professor in Medicine for nearly forty, if not more years, and

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living microorganisms, nor has a larger experience and maintained

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Orthopedic Surgery 1. Quarter-courses, afternoons, October, December,

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administered early, that need not be noticed. Suppose we have a case

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will puff out or up 3 or 4 inches, particularly in the gluteal and dorsal.

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forty-six of these illustrations, showing the procedures and

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quently in children than in adults and (to a less degree) in women than

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on observations made by the students in laboratory experiments. The

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Haven, the income to be used annually for scholarships to deserving

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Graduate Courses. — For a description of the graduate courses offered

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with the subjects which are being studied. Lectures are given five days

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had died from some vague stoniach trouble. Examination of

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having it divided, not to take into account > — Med. Times and Gaz. Oct. 15, 1853.

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with discussion of the case, and held in the post-mortem rooms of the

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dren. Morse, Case Histories in Pediatrics. Jacobi, Therapeutics of

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years as teacher, colleague and friend; and these many years