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tion, affections of the myocardium, neuroses of the
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while in 1347 it rose to 39 degrees, and, in (exhibited a rapid increase of temperature,
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practically endemic in Canton, Swatow and Aniov. Many insanitary
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Treatment. — Iron, quinine and Fowler' s solution of arsenic internally.
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many segments. When the lymphoid tissue of which it is
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Yellow Fever at Natchez. — Yellow fever , Of other diseases - - . g
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IRVING J. WALKER, M.D., Assistant in Surgery, 527 Beacon St
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this foundation have been assigned to the Harvard Medical School.
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and are rare also as compared to diseases of other organs of the lower ani-
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added articles on cryoscopy and phloridzin glycosuria.
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Text-hooks. — No special text-book is required, but the following books
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ration of excision of the elbow joint has been ; the arm remained in the same position. He
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rabbits, and cats. The cats were not affected at all.
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whose loveableness we shall always remember — that of Lord
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view. Both infants were dead. Theuterus, J are exceptions, of mostly forensic interest,
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School at least four full years, of which one year must l)e spent at
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changes take place in the structures; functional when there is a derange-
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tunity to witness their exemplification in the operative work of the
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ing the formation of pus in the vesicles, and thereby prevented
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tensive sloughing; this around the joints sometimes causes opening of
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Symptoms of these abscesses in the horse are similar to those in
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to the name and called it Swine Plague. But Cholera applies in- many
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Those who desire to obtain additional elective months may take sunmier
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9 to 1 and from 2 to 5 daily, except Saturdays ; on Saturdays, from
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tious, eruptive fever called Aphthae, because it affects the mouth partic-
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Graham, Toronto ; Ralph Vincent, M.D., 1 Harley Street, Lon-
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days. On the seventh there was a matutinal remission to 37° C but the same
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students are given instruction in lumbar puncture and in the serum exami-
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following words, to wit: Physicians having a police
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and prey on them, protected in many cases by law. No one
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Both these factors act together, and we have no method of
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Pbrcv Brown, M.D„ Assistant in the Use of the Roentgen Ray ''
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the imputation of a "suggestion." In proof J on her cross-examination). I allude to these
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histological and embryological laboratories. In the study of gross anatomy,
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in this department, see special announcement of courses for graduates.