Freeman, Mervin, a.b. {De Pavw Univ.) 1913, Sullivan, Ind.
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and I.H.) Each student attends tv)enty-one exercises during the
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investigations in Medical Science as in their opinion will be most useful
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6. When the tube and ovary on one side is free, clamps aro
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have some pet operation of their own, or a modification of
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food back in the mouth in a natural way, as the bars are designed for
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and lectures. The basis of the laboratory work is the systematic course
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possible that this difference can be explained upon a physical basis,
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Fellows. Albert Whittier, s.b. (Dartmouth Coll.) 1914, Dorchester
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" It is not overstating facts when I say that three-fifths of
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Students' Health. — Dr. Ernst (Chairman), and Drs. Putnam, E. H.
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thing more than ordinary food is required ; as proved
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twelve thousand reprints, is open to students for reference and reading.
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Root, James Harold, ph.b. (Yale Univ.) 1914, Brookline
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has had chills followed by sweating. Has felt feverish.
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making a dirty looking sight. In from two or four days the discharge
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and as their patience, persistence and mental acumen average
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scissors, deep enough to reach the healthy tissue. Always make your
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These courses will consist of research in the laboratory of the Depart-
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mean time I am taking at least no unfair ad- | the chief sources of mortality, especially in
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To fill the vacancy caused by the death of Dr. Arthur T. Cabot, Dr.
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that the ( eviU were tempting her to let it go, and that if she
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the whole process of parasitism, even in its greatest selectiveness, as for
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It follows that when in early life the tonsils are enormously
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horse does not vomit very easily or as much as some animals, under
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dilated part and sometimes causes a stoppage of the flow in that' part.'
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become familiar with the experimental data, but also with the opinions
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is said that cowboys recognize this fact, and if the}' notice an animal
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colored. You will find a certain amount of coagulation of, • this wa-
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