brain often gets stupid by the pressure on the diaphragm interfering with
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October and November a course in general pathology is given. The
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William B. Robbins, M.D., Assistant in the Theory and Practice of
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said, they handled the serum without the least danger.
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rocco, $7.50 net. Canadian Agents: J. A. Carveth & Co., Limited, 434
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Black Smallpox is not susceptible to treatment; ninety- nine out of a
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increased and sometimes decreased, when the animal dies from the want
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needed. Certainly there was none in the mind of the inspector
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county for several years in the Ontario Legislature. In politics
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The degree of Doctor of Public Health is open to holders of the degree
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ture for some time. Yesterday, I gave her j end of this time (Nov. 13) Dr. B. was called
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giving an anodyne you will notice a gas coming from the anus; but if
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the treatment the vision steadily improved and the fields of
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Operations are numerous, and are performed in the surgical building.
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sician, stationed at Ningpo, in China, has \ time of storm and of cold was so near,
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Pearson Oliver, M.D. 1871, to be awarded "to such needy and deserviL
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a numb'^T of patients for the purpose of teaching the art of
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stituents, then in addition to this rich condition of the blood, idleness
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they are separate and distinct disease entities. They present many
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He then began to spit up a good deal and to have loose, undigested
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(H.M.S.) Twenty three-hour exercises during January. (See
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Spaying the Female. — Spaying, technically, is Ovariotomy —
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6. (a) Describe the method of the administration of antitoxin in
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first and second half-years, but should be taken for at least two months) ;
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requiring him throughly to cleanse his premises. On the day fixed, the
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ment of Carcinoma." ( L. Beadle, of New York; Dr. E. S. Le-
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effusion into the arachnoid space, etc., also hardening of the outer layer
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Jackson. George Henry. Jr. . ^ ,„,a Wa„™,i Wis
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four molars; 4. The four canine; 5. The '(pop. 490,396); in the Central, 2 (pop.
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ments, and the student may choose whether he will take the practical ex-
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brane in front is opened in the median line, and the slit
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Francis Skinner Fund. A fund of five thousand dollars was estab-
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Young Men's Christian Association, 2 Ashburton Place, and the rooms of
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virulent as the blood of the animal. Two serum animals are now being
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' the pus or poison. Try to reduce the fever, and give good hy-
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three years, so that the disease may be considered to be epidemic in that
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apoplexy unawares; a few years more neglect, and the event,