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^SrUered, March 6, 1913, at Boston, Mass., as second-class matter ^
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suffice, give hypodermic injections 5 to 10 grs. ; morphine and aconite
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under pressure ; that its analgesic action is explained by its
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in some important Department in Medicine, j sent instance, was caused by the shock pro-
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There is another method that is used in Russia, that seems to us
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Roland L. Toppan, M.I)., Assistant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
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Surgery 5. Genito-urinary Surgery. Half-courses, all day, or quarter-
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Claudius M. Jones Scholarship, with an income of three hundred
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probability is, that it starts in the mucous and involves the rest. It
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stage and modified in the vesicular stage. The symptoms at
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one for each district of the city of Victoria and one for Kowloon, who
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nized Medical Schools, and to other properly qualified persons. Candidates
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nity to undertake such investigations under the direction of the instructors
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active tuberculosis was found in thirty-four of the first one hundred
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incomes named above, are awarded to deserving students, preferably those
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it is often hard to locate the lameness. It usually takes from four to six
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m this department, see special announcement of courses for graduates!
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present their ideas freely. The superintendents must do their
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Glenn McKillips Pierce, ph.b. (Westminster Coll.) 1906.
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recitations will begin in February of the second year — one lecture, one
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the whole process of parasitism, even in its greatest selectiveness, as for
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the accused, about three o'clock upon the i sent instance, possibly entertain, and added
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of funds to carry it on, but was reopened in August, 1869.
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afflicted with chronic disease, and to investigations into the nature and
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study of the cases seen at the clinics and of other cases, and for the dis-
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Hartwell, Harry Fairbanks, a.b. 1895, m.d. 1898, Boston.
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equivalent to that which he missed by his withdrawal. If a student
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Treatment. — If it can be discovered, in time, may be able to give re-
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applied to the broad ligament, one from above and one from
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yield to treatment, but the more severe ones, where the covering is af-
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The curves graphically representing the phenomenon of agglutination
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to get strong. In cases of severe dyspnoea the horse may die in an hot
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(From the Biological Laboratory, Bureau of Scietwc.)
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crease in the symptoms; as the disease progresses there is a wasting