to the left chest, or hot fomentations are good; heat is particularly indi-
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was found in seven cases, in but one of which was there involvement of
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If it is not easily found it should not be too vigorously searched
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the magistrate would adjudicate summarily 'criminate himself, or might afterwards he used
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Bilibid prisoners (23 per cent) be applied to the total population of
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2. In what periods of woman's life history are carcinoma, myoma,
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In the different speeches the various phases of Dr. Emmett' s
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beat of the draft horse is as low as 28, •and rarely as' low as 25. This
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Special demonstrations (30) . Professor Cannon and Dr. Forbes. 15
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Dean's Office not later than May 21st^ on blanks provided for the pur-
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" Hypertrophy of the Lingual Tonsil . . . may be very
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The final choice of electives must be left at the Dean's office on or
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J. Herbert Young, M.D., Alumni Assistant in Clinical Medicine.
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■etiology of many conditions of the highest interest to the
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treated in the wards and nearly thirty thousand visits were made to the
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''.; ventricle gets dilated; as also where there is valvular weakness there may
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Sept. 27, Wednesday. Examination in Chemistry for admission.
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the mucous membrane of the stomach, Htrmaturia is seldom present.
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Saunders' American edition of Nothnagel's Practice, the work
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to say that the institutions that have served the people so
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of certain small and valuable properties in different parts of
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otology, ophthalmology, in the forenoons, and orthopedic surgery and
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the third day you have the rash, appearing at first macular,
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The laboratory work will consist in a study of such infectious diseases
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all apprehension respecting him; but the j swollen and painful, and, in two days more,
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with a constant stream of water running over ' the tongue ; when the salt melts, and there
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2. Hemorrhagic pleurisy arising in the course of chronic
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few days, but it is usually Subacute, and while running on emaciation
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Charles L. Overlander, M.T>., Assistant in Medicine.
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general examinations, each both oral and written, will be required of the
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