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Stained specimens of bacilli from each tube agreed in morphology with
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that the affection is not one of the glottis, j vomiting of highly offensive matter, obstinate
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We who deal perforce so largely with the material and perish-
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ease or condition are the same as in other countries, and are
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held to the light; mouth has a pasty, soapy feel, sour smell, sometimes
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3. This specific character of the symbiosis may be changed in artificial
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August and September; no animal is exempt. It caused an epidemi
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when physically exhausted; then the animal will often bolt his food.
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than others;, they eat more, and are more prone to Gastric Flattilency.
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The Boston City Hospital. — During the past year, fifteen thousand, |
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thropic work in a city whose philanthropic efforts had too long
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to advanced standing, until he has passed the required practical exam-
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sixty-one visits by patients. The surgical, medical, gynaecological, and
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learns of what activity an organ or tissue is capable, next how certain
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seat being visible to physical examination. Hospital, whose name is intimately blended
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instruction is desired by the head of the individual department. Arrange-
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1, the left lower lobe in 5, the remaining 4 cases showing involvement
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rapid and gruntinff and \^1 ii..^ normal. The respiration was
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ture, followed by fatal haemorrhage, was comparatively slight; in four cases
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three years old. Its growth in earlier years was slow, but it
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year. The afternoons in January will be given to surgical patliology, and
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form my dear old friend and colleague, the Honorable D. MclN".
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book, from a typographical standpoint, can be easily read, and
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is almost malignant; it starts at the mouth, and spreads sometimes over
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Billings claimed to be the first discoverer of its origin being in the tick, and
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of Doctor of Medicine from the Harvard Medical School or other recog-
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School a bond oi fifty dollars, executed by two sufficient bondsmen (one
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arrangement of the valvular changes themselves. Stein, hav-
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rently exact statement in numbers, appears j whole statement is constructed as if it had
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outside of the chest. In many of these cases there was only Pleurisy, in
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Azotdria. — This is a non-contagious blood disease of the plethoric
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lieves in theoretically. He (Dr. K.) thought ; when Dr. Luther V. Bell, of the McLean
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ness and the cause of its non-use or limited use by a great
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and the jpresident was authorized to fill the j (he purity and honour of the Medical Profes-
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seated; there is a redness, and it often goes on to desquamation, leaving
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