Mikulicz suddenly discovered a tumor, which he himself

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amined and reported upon by various authors, shows Ascaris to have

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provinces, the ratio of hookworm infection is undoubtedly much higher.

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Murray, George Aloysius, a.b. {Boston Coll.) 1909, So. Boston.

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tees of the Hospital Physician-in-chief and Surgeon-in-chief respectively.

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jnot clearly understood, these points are briefly discussed again before the

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They are all subject to submergence by floods which occur in June,

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and 46.^ The action of this gland has proved a veritable will-

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Frank A. Pemberton, M.D., Assistant in Gynaecology.

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diflicult walking; a tumor is produced at the site of the injection, presenting a

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ments of the Children's Hospital, of the Infants' Hospital, of the Children's

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adding a certain percentage to the principal each year is preferably, but

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cussed, together with phenomena of immunity. Methods for the culti-

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pointed. It projects somewhat into the pleura costalis. The region around this

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Only when the resistance of the firm wall of the ventricle was encountered,

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The Joseph Pearson Oliver Scholarship, with an income of four

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tion, while bandage is on, should last more than ten minutes, take it off

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tion to these addresses there will be the annual address of the

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The patient has not been able to use the right leg in going up stairs.

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in the center; then have an upright bar of iron to which is riveted a band

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will apply— the younger the better; there will be less danger of Hernia

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this amount, $95 must be paid to the Bursar at the beginning of the

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„nrl„ , ""* University, after a year's study in the

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Yellow Fever at Natchez. — Yellow fever , Of other diseases - - . g

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that $100 expended in one generation saved at least $1,000 in

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What measures would you take to suppress the outbreaks ?

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effect of quickening a plan, long cherished by the British g(>|K-

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ake off, little by little, as he recovers until entirely well.

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during or after a malarial infection, as long as an enlarged spleen is present,

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and fetal membranes are considered, ^rhe month of January is devotw

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thirty-three cases left under his care, in twenty-one of which

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thence it is passed to human beings; but flies, water bugs, and other

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pink erosion, almost raw surface, the skin in other places becomes greasy;