In awarding these prizes, preference will be given to dissertations
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brown or methyl blue. If there is a Tumor on the jaw, it works into ,
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Dr. Brefney O'Keilly, surgeon to the SS. Ifafa, was at
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1 or its equivalent will be admitted as research students to work upon
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centimeter) contained 0.5 milligram of bacteria by weight. Each test
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Smith. Secretaries : Drs. W. H. Cronyn (Rosedale), G. E. Smith.
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way. In Valvular Insufficiency the Dyspnoea is well marked on exercise
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tally, act as a sufficiently predisposing factor, but there are many
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fully coincides in Dr. Kirkbride's views as , necessity or utility of an in-door watchman
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the disease after an incubation period of fourteen and twenty-one days.
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CoTTiNG Gift. The income of a fund received from the late Dr.
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preliminary training in chemistry, physics, and biology. The courses in
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• very good for cattle and sheep; castor oil for human, dogs and pigs.
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The Joseph Pearson Oliver Scholarship, with an income of four
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Any spare time at the disposal of the plague inspectors is occupied
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similar to those which I have described ; } never have come to trial; but, on the one
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been approved of by the National Govern- Dr. Steuart explained that the " Proposi-
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St. Louis, he would propose the adoption of be taken up, and passed as the sense of the
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Family history. — Negative as regards tsutsugamushi disease.
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avoid striking the kidneys by not going in straight, and the bladder by
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patient were conversing during a g eater part of the operation.
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anatomy of the ear or for the best thesis showing original work on an
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that produces first, a local disturbance, and then, if severe and long
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