principles of surgery, beginning with trauma, hemorrhage, sepsis, etc.,

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lacerate the cardiac sack, so go a little lower, tap only one side at a time,

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often so blindly followed in our science.) are attested by more impartial witnesses;

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heating for thirty minutes at 90° C. The result is partially shown in

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Inspector of Libraries, after holding that office for thirty

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without causing unbearable pain. The patient had been kept under

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demonstrations, and a laboratory course in which the students have an

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because it is not so violent a stimulant as alcohol. The force of

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suddenly five or six days before. In the hospital, the same principal phenomena

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Laboratory work. Professor Councilman, Assoc. Professor Wol-

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Mitchell's claims for the position. It happened that Dr.

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centimetres deep. If it be possible to pull; into the huge swelling; and, in the course

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case, may be dispensed with, provided that the occupants of the infected

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cases were treated in the accident ward, and there were visits to the out-

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the litile crocus was expanding its petals, from the west, yet the solar circle seemed

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your part as an intelligent medical man, to the end that the

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cipal grant. The Council is simply discussing the matter. If

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ated, he is restless and uneasy, and as the disease progresses the periods

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through oedema. Steaming is good for about y 2 an hour at a time, and

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Nothing is known concerning its clinical history, except that one of the

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to be encountered and leads to the question .whether it is practicable

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In the Medical School buildings there is an out-patient clinic which is

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Treatment. — Give mild purgative, diminish his feed, increase his ex-

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system, and chronic diseases of the heart and of the kidneys. The