Every candidate for the degree of Doctor of Medicine at this Univer-

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Drs. Black, Strathy and Spohn have been appointed House

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the necessary proficiency to enable him to utilize these methods in the

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M.D. (Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch.) 1898, Washington, la.

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Administrative Board of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences on or

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the literary embodiment of the most advanced science, but it is

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less delirium ebriositatis, since, with characteristic tremor

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in this department, see special announcement of courses for graduates.

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Place the horse on a level' floor, or higher behind; put on high-heeled

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chronic and remain with the animal. It is seen more often on the legs

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ficient proofs that it would recur; he found cases that showed proofs in

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clerks in the wards of the hospital and will have opportunity to study

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cases, will be completed during the current year and its facilities will be

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a great variety of opinions on the etiology of it, but we know that patho-

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adding a certain percentage to the principal each year is preferably, but

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Etiology. — Oftentimes from extension of inflammation from the

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will be followed in the wards. Instruction will be given in cystoscopy and

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that so very many improper functional activities of various

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which case the duct becomes distended, the walls thinner and more easily

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this School ; must pass all the required examinations, and fulfil satisfac-

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Harvard Medical School. This course is designed to present to the students

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This course will include the identification of the etiological factor and

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The laboratory offers exceptional facilities for all kinds of work in

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groups of protozoan and higher animal parasites and on insects and

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the animal. 100 is normal in the hon-e, and is taken by inserting the

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rasping in the bronchial tubes, and as this develops inflammation the