Robert L. DeNormandie, M.D., Assistant in Obstetrics.
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infectious diseases the diagnoses have been carefully made and recorded,
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Of the purulent types of conjunctivitis that exist, that
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The comparatively small number of cases, 9.6 per cent., so
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George S. C. Badger, M.D., Instructor in the Theory and Practice
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Four hours iu each week will be spent at the South Department Her»
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the class. The number of these operations is large, reaching over four
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Oollateral Reading. — Church and Peterson, Nervous and Mental Dis-
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adequate facilities can be provided. Such work may be undertaken
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J. L. Davison, J. J. Palmer, A. H. Garratt, Allan Shore, J. N.
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In confirmation of the fact first stated, the ; and then that she should be treated accord-
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Resolved, That all medical journals and ; charms of his conversation, the kindliness
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Dr. lidam Wright presented the solid silver gift, and read
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and pulmonary pleura a coating of coagulated serum, the quantity and
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animals; the excitability of the "centers" of the medulla under various
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in holding the patient in a proper position had fallen undet his notice were those in
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such a case it is the result of long continued errors in feeding. Usually
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urine in these diseases are: sugar, albumen, biliary coloring mat-
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This bacteriological examination, short of making cultures
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Mills, Chester Rudolph, s.b. {Colhy Coll.) 1915, Needham
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noid space. The cause is usually Stomatitis in the horse; so the first anc
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authorized the University authorities to grant $50,000, the
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All persons who apply for admission to the advanced classes must fur-
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the infections with intestinal protozoa, chiefly Amceba, the trematode
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any form of hernia existed. I cannot too J of May, and on the 2d of June he was con-