was new or difficult. '> in other cases. It was not more than a
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of the American Medical Society in Paris,) was approved.
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service of the Children's Hospital and in the in-service of the Massa-
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" Chemical examination shows that the Iron is in the ferrous condition, and there-
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extreme resistance and lack of elasticity of the thoracic walls.
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sco^J^^nd""' """ .'""": ""^' "'"^' "P""'--' etherization, micro-
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Coughing is produced by a deep inspiration followed by a forced. ex-
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Peabody. Each student electing the course must take it for at least two
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of all cases admitted, including a study of the history, diagnosis, prog-
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present in, the room, their intimacy having extended over forty
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the^ arteries, a resuscitation surely of that older pathology
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before they came there, but it looked much as if it, was due to the
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water all the time they are out — say boat riding, buggy riding, etc. , so
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On Thursday night a few of us had the honor of dining with
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part from as big as a walnut to the whole of the lung. , Coal miners are
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of transient pains in the abdomen, was first } more favourable under these circumstances
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and lectures. The basisTf ,he , b ! *''' """'"'' °' '"'"'™'->' -»*
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the gluteal region may contain 2 quarts of pus. Sometimes the swelling
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contracted cattle plague, showing that they were not immune to the disease.
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This forcing out of the blood vessels of the white blood corpuscles
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rate insures the presence at all times in the hospital wards of a variec
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able safetv through an incision in the vaginal culs-de-sac".
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onistic action of the products of B. prodigiosus for certain other bacteria.
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Symptoms. — The testicle swells, it may be one or both; it may be
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strnPtn. ti • course. With the special permission of the in-
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