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examining the 4,106 prisoners at Bilibid, is higher by over 40 than has
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These requirements are to be satisfied in full before matriculation.
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diarrhoea persisted and the heart became rapid and weaker until death occurred.
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of a suitable character, it may be read at the Commencement exercises.
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willing. Disinfecting fluid (Jeyes's).to be given for that purpose.
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Medicine and of Arts and Sciences, who are to recommend candidates
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Medicine 1. Full courses, all day, throughout the year.
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Royal Victoria Hospital since its foundation. Very young
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our last review, the vernal equinox hasjmenon, as we have said, is not new to
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But, gentlemen of the gTaduating class, one must never for-
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heated for thirty minutes at 70°C and 80°C; exhibited a similar ten-
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(b) Twenty laboratory exercises in surgical pathology. (See Surgery.)
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but although so far no gerjn has been discovered, it is known to be a
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recitation and two clinical lectures a week. In the first two weeks the
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tions or follicles of adenoid tissue, situated on the base of the
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symptoms in hookworm infections among the Filipinos is a racial im-
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temperature fell, but rose abruptly twenty-four hours later; after a careful
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through the blood before acting on the bowels — aloes and salines are in-