at the Pennsylvania Hospital, was 4.44 J falling full upon it, children pine and falter;

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Table 11. — Minimum doses of venom heated for thirty minutes at 60° C. which were

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nurse and doctor were engaged, and a failure / The list of members was then taken into

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said to contain about a teaspoonful of " gravel like " material the first

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to a correct diagnosis unsupported by such discussion.

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tion, destruction of cartilage, and, probably, ; here at the patient's advanced age, and

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especially meat-producing animals— as cattle; they grow fatter, and faster,;!

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secured from Manila hydrants varied from 40 to 600 bacteria in 1 cubic

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Associate Professor Morse. (Infants' Hospital.) Once a week, Janu-

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• very good for cattle and sheep; castor oil for human, dogs and pigs.

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centimeters of serum in a test tube as the unit). In consideration of

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from that secreted by either, but also from any simple mixture of the two.

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generally to take advantage of hospital facilities, and attend

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Treatment. — Ascertain first if Jaundice is due to non-secretion or

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out a duct, whose secretions can be considered only in con-

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a clinic for the treatment of ambulatory cases of disease under the direc-

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inflammatory trouble the horse is subject to. It most often affects the

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hour examinations and quizzes extending throughout the year.

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ranged must be determined by the Secretary of the Faculty

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length of time there is an altered function, especially to. the near nerve .

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radically diflerent. Since the number of cells in any given

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3. The histological changes occurring in acute tonsillitis.

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2 „ere made to the out-patient departments. Instruction n orTho

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and morning, or twice a day. This active tonic stimulates the liver and acts