duced by either of these; the disease is infectious, but is probably only ■
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TheCollis P. Huntington Memorial Hospital. ~Thi, Hospital is being
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Dr. Alex. D. Stewart, of Fort William, to Miss Pettit, June
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nection with it is Emesis — the act of vomiting. It has been said that the
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trouble elsewhere. Many a time I have wondered if it were
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No student who has failed to pass a general examination will he per-
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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year courses offered in
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swelling, discharge, etc., "might be the j this is exactly what recemly occurred in
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night with no sign of a struggle. Autopsy will show Splenic Apoplexy.
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Ernest G. Martin, Ph.D., Instructor in Physiology .
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short, fine rods, staining less deeply than the nuclei of the
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consists of six hours of lectures to the entire class, and of twelve labora-
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applied anatomy and pathology, as well as an opportunity to assist at
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quick. In the course of from two to ten days, according to the rapidity,
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that 95 per cent, of the work offering the profession is open
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3. Chart of the changes in virulence of cholera strain No. 3. (To accom-
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Fuch's clinic in Vienna, where they used it in cases of cor-
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For two-thirds of the cases no cause was assigned. The
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for some special field of medicine, for example, the diseases of the nervous
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residual; reaction acid; free HCl 0.056; total acidity 0.127; guaiac
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This worm is about the size of number 60 spool cotton, from }4 to 1 inch
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mentally some conception of the power plant, the conducting
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Is it wise for the Ontario Medical Association to even in-
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Hopkins Hospital," so writes the author in the preface to the
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are proceeding satisfactorily. ; sors by Mr. Wormald, trom a patient in
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