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The heart's apex is in the fifth space, one inch outside the nipple. A
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Herzog, Bowman and Edwards, and by Messrs. Clegg and Willyoung.
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this investigation will be continued during the hot, damp months.
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products of certain, it may be harmless, microorganisms are often capable
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second half-year, at hours to be arranged with the instructor.
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reason or morbid anatopiy; in many cases there is a total absence of mor-
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ties who, because the ideal of surgical cleanliness cannot be
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nected with contagious diseases is especially explained and illustrated by
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John Ferguson, W. H. B. Aikins, D. King Smith, H. B.
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horse being so vascular and having such a great nerve supply.
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the progress of cases, and seeing the end results. Conferences with the
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the retina, occasioned by the state of so-called adaptation. For
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continually and has hppn L ^^!\ ^^^^ ^^^^ has been present
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ally, such cases give a history of sudden onset with vomiting which lasts
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Transfers were made to slant alkaline-agar tubes and placed in the
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the number of typhus cases would not have been so limited and there
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acute diseases, and changes are taking place constantly. The opportu-
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on the glans penis as well as in the end of the urethra; frequently in
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course of treatment. Far better, surely, to ; Edinburgh professors modify their doctrine,
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Treatment.— The first thing we usually do is to give full purgative
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The collection has about ten thousand specimens, illustrating both
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Alexander Manlius Burgess, a.b. {Brown Univ.) 1906.
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Longer courses may include one or the other of these, together with a