Theory and Practice 2. Half-courses, all day, throughout the year.
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and medical students are invited to attend the operations and the medical
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Text-hooks. — Piersol. Gray. Cunningham. Quain. Morris. Gerrish.
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The insects will, however, attack guinea pigs and accordingly it would
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make it more likely to occur, as we see New York has more cases than
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was probably not the specific anticholera substance of the serum but those
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These may be passed down the tube. We have CEsophagismus, which is
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with his nose to the floor, becomes delirious, crazy as a loon; sometimes
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Chickering, Henry Thorndyke, a.b. 1907, Winter Hill.
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of the Rocky Mountain region, and as it has not been determined that the same
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thoroughly in the hospitals in the taking of histories, methods of physical
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oil one part, linseed seven parts, but don't repeat this.' Eserine is also
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case it is best to put the mare under treatment for ten or fifteen days to get g
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nosis and in the methods of minor treatment. The various operations,
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sound meat; this risks causing an outbreak in some place. That would
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of her milk was suggested, and it was found j cocoons. Prosecuting still fariher his expe-
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of continuous drinking he had delirium tremens, or, perhaps
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in this Journal for the publication of these results. It therefore will be
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given m connection with all of the departments of the School when such
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adult female; and the discharge is much ; discovered by accident in an earlier stage
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first, with regard to the original propa- < serve to distinguish this disease from the
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as purgatives, light diet, and more exercise; always look to the hygiene
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lighter behind, as the buffalo for instance. Mares grow niore even front
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slightly infiltrated and generally it is not painful or tender. Enlarge-
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no place on the body. In the human it is generally in the head and face,
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James B. Herrick, M.D., Professor of Medicine in Rush Medical College,
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each year to a properly qualified graduate of a college or university in
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were approximately normal, and vision 20.20 each eye. The
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