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sore^and make, the horse lame, and finally become a chronic condition.

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Collateral Reading. — Loring, On the (J)phthalmoscope. Landolt, Re-

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effect of the activity. The experiments have also been so arranged as to

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ever it is it seems to be malignant. Origin— in the nutrient cells at the

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the majority of instances not definitely limited by any marked reaction

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staphylococci, B. anthracis, B. cholera susis, B. typhosus and the cholera

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A fee of $150 is charged for tuition, and $5 for matriculation. Of

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sions of the organism in normal salt solution being used. After each

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wftout the consent of the head of the department concerned

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ment^ can be made for such instruction with the Instructor in Roentgen-

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obscure." And again the same author writes as follows : "The metabolic

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logical inference is that the uterus is held in place by its liga-

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struction of the portal vein, it would do no good to bleed. But we don't

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The Boston State Hospital. — During the past year thirteen hundred

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cause it contains exact details as to solutions, foods, dosage,

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true cause, viz., eye-strain, is often completely overlooked.

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Mark F. Boyd, M.D., M.D., C/ti,. .,» Fallen Folsom Teaching Fellow in

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. Medical School in the first-year class, or with advanced standing, should