Clinical exercises. Dr. Covtles. (B.S.H.) At stated intervals. 3-4

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to surgical therapeutics on alternate days. Laboratory exercises in

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The Charles Elliott Perkins Scholarship; with an income of

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more than thirty special demonstrations. These exercises, some of which

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Howard T. Karsner, M.D., Assistant Professor of Pathology.

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in its turn, is immediately thrown into a state j cases of colic, or, if present, only continues

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Purely an empirical mixture of the diacetyl-rufigallic acid-

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Structure and development of the eye, ear, and nasopharynx.

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of itself is confined to the veins and capillaris. . The smallest kind of thi,<

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cases there is sloughing off of the skin in patches, on different parts of ■

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per cent; adults, from 15 to 50 years, examined, 1,461; infected, 107,

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and lectures. The basis of the laboratory work is the systematic course

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the end of the second week, the fever lessens and in a few days the tem-

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in case of recovery, give 1 pint of linseed oil; establish the peristaltic very

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a debased ideal of the duties of wife and mother. Love of

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produces a pronounced arterial contraction. This contraction

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three years ago and has had no other disease. The family

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break in the skin. Ostitis is set up and runs through these different

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Books recommended. — Lexer-Bevan, General Surgery. Mumford,

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female of full size. There had been apparently much hemor-

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■ Comparative Pathol^.y ' '^ ^""'' '^^*^''" ^'">--- "/

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