August 7: Dr. Craig and I left on the 5th to visit another infected region

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place, and, as the crown wished to prove, \ only from the external parts and the true

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We are now waging war in Hongkong against fleas, the object being

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as at home ; that with the common participation of member-

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hereditary. A stallion wabbling in his gait should never be used with

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4. What intratympanic changes would result from a prolonged

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Assistant Professor Newe.. (Feb. to May), assisted by Drs. 70^0

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opening in the bone and several in the soft tissues, or it may be one open- \

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likely to form in the horizontal arteries in the horse, in the posterior aort;

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This is primarily a nerve disease, caused by the temporary paralysis oi

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, tially paralyzed. In this case the bowels are partly paralyzed and con-

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distinct circumstances; the etiology and symptoms are quite different,,

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basis of the papules; sometimes there is a pimple in the center, but not

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What exammations would you make to be sure that there were no

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more often incorrectly performed and its objects more often

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J!ll Jut f ™^;;V'^^'"':^ '""^' "'^ '^" »' *e Dean's office on or

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garded as of a great practical importance. The course is also intended to

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ice is one, the principal one. By stimulants, the principal one is hot

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cells. Stool — yellow, soft, alkaline — Guiac negative. Wassermann

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6f dalliance and avoid the '' asperous way that leadeth to the house

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