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DISEASES of the DrvER. — These are rare compared to the human,

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along it becomes more and morepurulent and less mucous. In the early

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a high fever, pulse rapid and soft, gets weaker in the course of two or

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Both these factors act together, and we have no method of

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Isaac Swmoetser Scholarship, with an income of two hundred and

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lars, for Tumors will often develop, no matter how well the operation is

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but in old, in addition to this cautery of the cord, Prof. McEchran used

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August, 1907, and January, 1908. Although the number of cases is

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for the accused (which was required to a i dence could show, that the crime had never

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Opisthorchis sinensis, 5 cases; Balantidium coli, 14 cases; Tcenia sagi-

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rabbits and guinea pigs at autopsy, there was injection of the tissues

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Young Men's Christian Association, 2 Ashburton Place, and the rooms of

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reactions, the classical degenerations, and (in brief) with important entities

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moaning; breath sounds harsh; cough less severe and distressing. Pulse recorded

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they appear to occupy to-day is a menace to the health of the body

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subjects of medical instruction are distributed throughout the four years'

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moved two metacarpal bones, on account J Operations for Urethral Stricture. — Pe-

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them ; and at the last meeting a paper do- '. ginja, but if there were the distance might

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This instrument as originally devised contained a spring. The

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follows Parturition. This form is called Metra- Peritonitis, and is

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midway between the diaphragm and the iliac bifurcation, but are ' liabli

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MEDICAL iSEWo. j earth, or a little above it, prevailed, and

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nagel's Practise represents the latest word on the sugjeots of

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the wound occurred, die and break loose. The second day after, there

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youngest stages of man yet obtained. The collection of embryological