Etiology. — -Overwork and excessive fatigue, exhaustion, exposure

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there is evidence of appreciable differences in the manner of growth of

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The Embryological Collection is a unique feature of the laboratory

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Exercises in sections. Drs. Joslin (B.C.H.), Badger and Palfrey

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Second Vice-President of the College of Physicians and Sur-

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then you come to the tunica vaginalis that you don' t cut, so dissect away

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nation of patients in the hospital wards and clinics. This association

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toms lie in the pulse. In Pleurisy there is an increase in the pulse, while

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Comparative Physiology 1. Half-courses, forenoons, afternoons, or all

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nity to undertake such investigations under the direction of the instructors

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right direction, and while it has given us no 6nal solution, it

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Charles Pratt Strong Scholarship, with an income of two hundred

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than ordinary practitioners who were not continually studying

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no preconceived plan to proiX)se. will call in for consultation

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Frank B. Mallory, M.D., Associate Professor of Pathology .

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invariably septic, might be Traumatic, and is Usually fatal, especially in

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and an insufficient conviction of the importance of a very early

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cine, it being generally conceded that the state has full power

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serum is SS^/^ per cent, and this diminution usually occurs

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with C. "Dickie Murray, M.B., Chairman of the Information

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Dr. H. P. H. Galloway, who has been associated with Dr.