10. The disinfecting operations are to be done in the manner and order

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prescribes medicine. I think it is time for the Ontario Medical

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is supposed to be the most common cause of it. Cows seem lo lie the

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of the year; it ranges from 0.5 cubic centimeter to 1 cubic centimeter;

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rhagic or petechial. Tanaka states that in rare instances it may become

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MAYNARD LADD, M.Y)., Instructor in Pediatrics, 270 Clarendon St.

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and opportunity to do outside work of various kinds in the city

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were dehvered dunng the last year in the Hospital. In the out-patient

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address. He stated that he bore a message of greeting from

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tinue the rubbing and applying the medicine for two hours,, or till the

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at times indifferent and dejected, at others delirious and agitated, his attitude

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that the horse is in a dangerous condition; pulse may run up to 80 or 85,

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This course will be devoted to instruction in the use of the ophthalmo-

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Adams, Frank Dennette, litt.b. (Princeton Univ.) 1913, Washington, D.C.

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grant of a Bullard Fellowship, unless the work shall have received the

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of the fish— in order to test this theory, took ! Our thanks are offered to Dr. Buckley,

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and medical students are invited to attend the operations and the medical

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for; so that if greater success is to be expected, a more direct method of

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Bumpu, Hermon Carey, Jr., ph.b. {Brown Univ.) ' ^' ''

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Constans, Frank Elmore, m.d. {Hahnemann Med. """' " ^^'

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Thesis, " The Bacteriological Control of Public Milk Supplies."

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mittee, mention shall be made of the fact that the work was done under a

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fee of $20. Of this amount, $90 must be paid to the Bursar at the begin-