ten hours, according to the severity of the case. If mustard, etc. don't

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toms are the same as in any other Peritonitis, only they roll less and

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DAVID L. EDSALL, M.D., ^.T>., Jackson Professor of Clinical Medi-

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'cause, clean out the sewers of the body, clean out the, debris through the

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sub-departments of Neuropathology, Neurology, and Psychiatry.

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In October last, seeing the importance attributed by the Indian Plague

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Hampstead by its elevation are somewhat ; simply because they are truths — become

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oozes through the pores of the vessicles due to an senemic condition;

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Hartwell, Harry Fairbanks, a.b. 1895, m.d. 1898, Boston.

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Treatment. — Iron, quinine and Fowler' s solution of arsenic internally.

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day, and keep up until the discharge is stopped and inflammation sub-

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given to the students in groups at certain State institutions.

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Ammonio- Sulphate of Copper. — At the ; that its outbreak in individuals has been very

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ne throat trouble kowti into the luiifjs, also visciated air, found in

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the pathologic material, and complete records of the findings have been

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a medical college whose graduates are now dotted all over the

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* For staUinont in regard to examinations, see p. 65.

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upon pregnancy and labor, and the risk of a portion of the

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From June 1st to September 30th, 1911, courses in all the departments

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teen days the ulcerated surface had healed over. The photo-

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week during the year. Twelve exercises for each student. 36