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Organic Diseases of the Nervous System. Purves Stewart, Diagnosis of

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in the human due to inherited taints; that is in the blood. The lower

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which is very sensitive in this region; this causes intense pain, often ac-

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tenths of them took it between twenty-eight and thirty-five days. The

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microscopical, and bacteriological methods used in the practice of medi-

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heart was much hypertrophied, specially on the right side;

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Spavin. If you are going to fire heavy, draw the lines farther apart than

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for the best means of training the medical > lowing named papers are worihy ot being

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claim, not only on his time and energy, but on all that he hath,

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tion of the two medical faculties of Toronto and Trinitv

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term; this lias been accepted by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and is

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the general cavity can hi thoroughly walled off without any

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28th, he took a dose and lay down, saying that he had had no

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Students who have had, before entering this course, a large part of the

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by gasping. On post-mortem examination, clots are found at the site of the

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the hair. It causes intense itching, and forms a crust on the skin; it is

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and suppuration, while in the second there is a gaping wound that fills

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known as Actinomyces. This germ is large, and when full grown looks

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a year ; also, furnished gratuitously to all subscribers of tlie ^^ American Journal

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Exercises in sections. Each student has s^xty exercises. on

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the docketting of the cases to have been free a failure, when we take into consideration

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in active . operation since February, 1913. The hospital is for general

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except that it is performed on the conjunctiva instead of the skin. In