; .sheep first, with this culture that is twenty- four days old, then in tweb
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under the personal supervision of the instructor. Ability to read German
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March inclusive, six times a month from April to September inclusive.
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ing the infected areas and but a few feet higher are considered safe.
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a wide range of diseases is illustrated practically. Even of the rarer
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if going into a fit; anxious expression of the countenance; at night
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the ward and out-patient departments. Kacb student attends thirty-two
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to the practitioner. The editor. Dr. Herrick, has enlarged on
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Third Year. — Instruction consists of lectures and demonstrations, and
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Government to represent us at the Congress on Tuberculosis in
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quiet. After swelling is gone, appetite good, and animal feels good,
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During this period the medical supply reached its lowest ebb,
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married women have become pregnant, gone to term and
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These courses are chiefly clinical in character ; but in addition to the
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Surgery. This important Museum is open to students in the School, and
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sumed that such students desire additional work in physiology to fit the
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not so common in the lower animals as in the human, because in the hu-
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latest No. of the Medical Times and Ga- j have ended fatally. In Norkoping, on the
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General Hospital, both in the out-patient department and in the ward for
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Observations of his own experiments by the student are supplemented by
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youngest stages of man yet obtained. The collection of embryological
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sist of directed reading, illustrated by specimens, and in laboratory work
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directed; but he is taught to work independently. Tumors and other
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Bonnycastle, D. H. Boddington, G. Boyd, S. J. Boyd, J. H. R.
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Laminitis sometimes develops; if so, treat as ordinary case of Eaminitis.
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Gentlemen, as general practitioners of medicine, I envy you
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BETH VINCENT, M.D., Assistant in Surgery, 295 Beacon St.