the application of the forceps, and version does not give as
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view of the foregoing, it is of course evident that this question can never
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Review of the Weather for April, 1853, . . 97 j To Readers and Correspondents . . . 100
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This course consists of microscopical work and is given on four after-
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year in the last twenty. At Wheeling, the ^ are recorded as Indian summer, viz., 10th
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" plank " in a party platform as to at once arouse party sus-
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and in distributing the annual Transact ions ; or apoplexy.
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Attridge, Arthur James, a.b. (St. Francis Xaviers Coll.)
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University yard in Philadelphia; that such i Eminently distinguished as Dr. Chapman
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Open Joint. — That is when the skin, binding ligament, capsular lig-
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and therefore I secured as much material as possible.
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l!^ovember 5th. He graduated from the University of
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is made, unless there is some complication contra indicating it.
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' and arsenic are recommended by Williams, and remember, what may d
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49 per cent., were among children under J The following items, quoted from some
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glosso-epiglottic not^ch, and disturbance of the normal voice —
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routine work of the clinic, instruction will be given in diagnosis, treatment,
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Dr. Yandell, of Kentucky, presented a \ 6. '1 hat in nearly all the operations for
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from the capillaries 1 ; that is the only difficult part — to prevent hemor-'
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This disease (Urethritis) can't be cured in four or five days, it is more
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•Braun, Max: Die Thierischen Parasiten. Wiirtzburg (1903), 277.
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doesn't burn. Oil of Indian Corn is good; place the corn on some cold flat
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place those with more general bearing first, and those with special interest
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directed; but he is taught to work independently. Tumors and other