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Arsenic is the best skin remedy, sulphur next, and iodide potash next,
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glazed and its papilla* prominent. Hyperesthesia, abdominal pain and diarrhoea
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delivery and is reported to have responded to a distant call. The
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their own doctors ; to allow this had always been the rule at
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numerous glands, of which this tonsil is partially composed,
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Third rmr. — Instruction consists of lectures at the Medical School
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•uverage temperature of December just past, { ing of the 23d, the first day of fog and drizzly
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taught. Practical instruction will also be given in a research milk labora-
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Wright, William Witter, a.b. {Yale Univ.) 1912, Putnam, Conn.
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properly speaking, but of the ligaments. ; constipation.
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present time, the students from this province who went to the
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ment of the lymph vessels connecting the lesion and the large and painful
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tance to the physician, alike as practitioner and as a witness in court.
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the occasional fatal effects of chloroform is i interference with these tumours. Tonic
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devote the whole or a part of their fourth year to one subject of study.
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Tubercular clinic of the Burroughs Place Dispensary, and in the chil-
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:xercise. In the start of fever give , a liberal amount of clothing and
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Professor Tyzzer, and Dr. Fabyan. Two hours daily, second and
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have hinted, in the latter the perversion is far less submissive