Almost all of the population of the prison was examined during the

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Doctor of Medicine was established. The first Medical School was built

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Byrnes, Kalph Leonidas, s.b. (/o^^a ^/a^g fr^,> )

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Clinical Psychiatry). Clouston, (finical Lectures on Mental Diseases.

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of violence, "a penetration between the i produced the disease I saw, because — first,

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ate, farms for deserted infants, and homes for unfortunate

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Scarlatina. — This ve'ry closely resembles Scarlet Fever in the

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continues to perform this operation with equally satisfactory

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yearly to the Medical Kegister is a marked feature of this

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diation of heat, as an exciting cause of fever, I have examined the theory of Wood

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William, P. Graves, M.D., Professor of Gynaecology.

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O'Meara, John William, a.b. {Holy Cross Coll.) 1912, Boston

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pulls the body of the uterus out of the pelvis into the abdomen.

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is good in this case — -the ecraseur is the best. Sometimes a Veterinarian

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Second Year. — The second-year course in anatomy will be given during

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lay colts down it is perfectly safe; in old horses, over five years, there is

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experimental medical research. Both kinds of work are offered to both

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The work of Hodge, familiar to you all, was a far call in the

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damage and loss of apparatus are payable to the School in accordancj

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by Xorth German Lloyds S. S. for Gibraltar, with a short visit

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Study of cases as they present themselves at tlie Out-Patient Department

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bad and dangerous don't put off using the tracheotomy tubes. Cut about