Combined Course in Specialties and Surgical Anatomy. It is a course in

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therefore I shall only mention them and take liberty to empha-

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its collections are used in demonstration of the lectures. It occupies the

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that there is an insufficient quantity of bile, which is caused by allowing

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hard, but not sore; in the acute they are sore to the touch. In mos

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which an example is given in the Associa- \ the man's passions need in nowise be af-

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Committee on Finance, Dr. Letcher, of; Dr. W. S. Chipley, of Lexington; Dr.

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it occurred four times. Anemia is mentioned as a marked

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nected with contagious diseases, will be given. Whenever possible the

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:o diagnose a case. In the earlier stage of the disease there is high

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vasated blood is strictly subpleural and no free blood is found on the surface

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Unfortunately we know of no statistics for tropical countries, based

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several, the sulphate of zinc and sesquichlo- \ treatment. By the exhibition of full doses

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a distinct retinal image it is necessary that the curvature of

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* In thp^ instructions which I -ave the lawyers violation upon a child of tender years has

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of patients, diagnosis, surgical treatment, and the after-care of surgical

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furnishes plenty of text matter for a most exhaustive study of

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mirall. The ward buildings will be in the form of an arc;

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Laboratory work and demonstrations will also constitute an important

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at his disposal. Students requiring aid should visit the Director as soon as

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entered high school, — nervous, and changed to private school. At

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Prognosis, it is favorable usually, seldom ever fatal that is, if you

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These courses are chiefly clinical in character ; but in addition to the

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to sixteen ozs. Some inject in small doses into the jugular; Dr.- -Billing,'

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"Written and practical tests. Professor Southard and assistants.

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of the cicatrix, but rcently a bronchial catarrh has set in, which

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various major and minor procedures are demonstrated. Students who

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:o 2 drs. „ well diluted, three times a day, and remember that the .