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After Treatment in Spaying. — ^Neither the vagina nor the flank re-

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standing. A minimum of one year in residence shall be required of all

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measures which were taken to combat it. The cordon which was placed

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stays there and decomposes, producing constitutional disturbance- as

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of plaster of Paris and apparatus. The course will occupy the entire

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A Scientific Blending of True Santa! and Saw Palmetto in a Pleasant Aromatic Vehicle, j

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Laboratory course in Surgical Pathology. Professor Nichols.

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total inability to bear weight on the limb. In transverse fracture with-

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£cted, in the course of a few days the brain becomes affected, they get

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are made when the horse is tired after long driving, as the speed is con- ■

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The design of these courses is to continue the work of the third year in

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tions Avill be continuously displayed in the laboratory to illustrate the

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Lectures. Professor Coolidge, assisted by Drs. Goodale, Mosher, and

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organism is in the sewers of the city; that outbreaks in the Philippines

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nmution, where instruction in gynaecological pathology is giT ' A

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The fees for separate courses vary from $5 to $125, according to the

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Henry Lyman, M.D., Fellow in Biological Cheonistry.

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In this stage I^upus sometimes develops, often suddenly; large tubercle

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horsemen call it, Bastard Strangles, has the same fever but longer;

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mittee, mention shall be made of the fact that the work was done under a

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pagne, followed by light clear s<>ups, and the