or environmental influence acting with or upon the parasite, and as

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treatment of the same. The special disposition of the income of this fund

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chosen by any student. The order in Avhich a student's electives are

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James Blaine Montgomery, a.b. (Dartmouth Coll.) 1911.

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Dr. A. B. McCallum left Toronto, July 7th, for Cape Town,

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Recitations. Assistant Professor Newell. (H.M.S.) Once a week. 32

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1, torsion; 4th, acupression; 5th, uncipressure. Compressure means

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with tin sheets, and plaj with flowers and smile upon

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pored Berkefeld filter as slowly as possible; part B through a large and very

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The Collis P. Huntington Memorial Hospital. — This Hospital, which

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produced by accidents, such as a kick from an other horse'.

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peculiar, timid, frightened condition; will growl, run and hide in the

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pathogenic action of S. choleras and Nencki has described bacteria which

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for the degrees of A.M. and Ph.D. to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

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4 Describe the bacteriological examination of material from a

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injection without result. The analysis of the blood, moreover, showed no signs

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pital. Every one who has gone about the mortality much below that above mentioned ;

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additional materials through Google Book Search. Please do not remove it.

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bvMrs T.T^c A B '■'^ °™ "o"'"^*- ^his Scholarship, founded in 1909

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Applications for the Cheever, Hayden, and Haven Scholarships must be

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north of Mexico, and built of stone brought from France. Mid-

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abdominal cavity, the introduction of a single germ may result fatally;

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CLEAVELAND FLOYD, M.B., in Bacteriology, 246 Marlborough St.

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your part as an intelligent medical man, to the end that the

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year to hold the meeting for 1905 in the Far West. Although

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This course will be devoted to instruction in the use of the ophthalmo-