Preventative Treatment. — The less the legs are washed the better. ■,:

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says, " N'o." Medicine invites and encourages the philomath

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in September, and ends on the Thursday preceding the last Wednesday in

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of the South Department of the Boston City Hospital, at the Children's

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edition, thoroughly revised to conform with the eighth decennial revision

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drugs studied. Adequate facilities will be provided for performing

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upper three floors of the Administration Building. Its Curator is Dr.

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the ends of the radius or uln.a, and the lower ; arm out of its extended position by cutting

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mucosa, but the conjuctiva became considerably injected.

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but no corn or anything that tends to fat. In puppies, change the food;

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were more easily introduced and with Jess danger of rupturing

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same complaint. They were filthy, and > prove, by the subsequent witnesses, that, ac-

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2. That, in case of publication of a successful dissertation, the author

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group of cases may be classed distinctly as rheumatic chorea.

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Toronto General Hospital, as it is at present, has done what Dr.

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medical and surgical cases, and is situated on ground adjacent to the

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. either a streptococcic or pneumococcic infection of the uterus,

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She awoke one morning with crampy pains in the abdomen,

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St. Michael's Hospital ; Surgeon to Emerj^ency Hospital;

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; have been bred before spaying may from habit take the male when her

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Edgelow, Arthur Ford Geddes, a.b, {Trinity Coll., Conn.)

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origin, not improved by medical treatment, and becoming pro-

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Etiology — The most common cause is overexertion suddenly applie

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(jr. T. R medical services for eighteen years, has been pro-

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The work of colonization was resumed under the auspices

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William P. Graves, M.D., Assista?it in Gynaecology.

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produce the serious effects in the Filipino that they do in other races;