R. England, Winnipeg ; Dr. R. S. Thornton, Deloraine. Quebec :

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hydrogen, which will burn, and the Carbon dioxide, which will not burn.

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(E. and E.I.) In sections, first half-year. Twelve exercises for

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provided under the administration of the Graduate School of Medicine

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The study of the bacterial variation occurring among cholera vibrios is

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Medicine. — President : Sir Thomas Barlow, Bart., K.C.V.O.,

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Research. Problems in experimental and comparative pathology with

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Cysts. — Where they form in other parts pf the body from kicks and

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ing the optic nerve. Cataracts often succeed this Glaucoma.

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would not be enough; good plan to destroy everything that had been

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and to our incomparable harbor. It has the largest dry dock on

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other expenses. Two hundred dollars is available annually.

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point "to bear in mind not to, reduce a fever too quickly, otherwise you

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Third Year. — Lectures and clinical instruction are given at the Massa-

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Exercises in sections. Each student has forty-eiglit exercises of three

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They must furnish a satisfactory certificate of time spent in medical

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When you test by boiling, if the coagulum is alkaline and ho albumen,

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who, wliile tJie holder of the Fellowship, shall not engage in private prac-

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logical inference is that the uterus is held in place by its liga-

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fractured. The facial bones of the horse are liable from kicks and col-

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9. All autopsies shall be performed by the pathologists.

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cirrhosis is multiple, not a unit — i.e., that the

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Scotian, Sir Samuel Cunard, who had the enterprise to start

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much with every cut of the knife, so go about it carefully; the veins are

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On its returning, a couple of days afterwards, • from this, he was seized with gout,

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trative of the technique of operative work. The opening plate,

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Busby, Eldon Durward, a.b. (McGill Univ.) 1913, Ottawa, Can.

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is, in some cases at least, intermittent, it is not illogical to suppose that the ova